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Thanks for dropping by. On this website, you'll find information about my experience in the field of adventure education, descriptions of the classes I teach and other adventure-oriented services I provide for individuals, clubs, corporations, and outdoor adventure programs and business, along with some samples of my art work and writing.

I am devoted, both personally and professionally, to the field of Adventure Education and Recreation and I am convinced that ambitious, dynamic, and challenging outdoor, wilderness-based pursuits (hiking, camping, mountaineering, skiing, rock and ice climbing, paddling, mountain biking, etc.) have the power to enrich and change lives in unique, positive, and powerful ways.

Outdoor Adventure Educator, Wilderness Guide, and Adventure Business/Program Consultant

I'm based in the small town of Templeton in north-central Massachusetts where I live in a log home with my working sled dog team of 8 Alaskan Malamutes. I have been working professionally in the outdoor adventure field since 1982, full-time since 1988. During my career I have been involved in virtually every aspect of designing, operating, implementing, teaching and leading dynamic outdoor adventure activities for diverse groups of clients and students of all ages from 6 - 70. Click here to visit a photo gallery that has a few pictures of various adventure outings I have led.

Educational Background
B.A. - Outdoor Education and Recreation
- Prescott College, graduated 1986
M.A.- Adventure Education and Outdoor Program Design - Prescott College, graduated 2004

I am currently on leave of absence from the first term of my PhD program in Sustainability Education.

Professional Background
Outdoor Educator, Physical Education Department Arlington (Massachusetts) High School

Graduate Advisor in Adventure Education, Prescott (Arizona) College

Adjunct Professor in Outdoor Pursuits, School of Graduate and Continuing Education, Fitchburg (Massachusetts) State College

Adventure Program Coordinator/Adventure Training Specialist, Lancaster (Massachusetts campus) RFK Children's Action Corps, Inc.

Director of Operations, Shackleton Schools, Inc.

President and Co-Founder, Field Director, Wilderness Guide and Outdoor Educator with Mountain Lynx Outdoor Adventures, Inc.

Assistant Director Somerville (Massachusetts) Wilderness Program

Logistics Chief and Rock Climbing Specialist, Wilderness School, East Hartland CT

Camp Counselor, Backpacking Specialist, Venture Valley Camp, Corralitos CA

Certifications and Relevant Experiences
· Thru-hiked Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia in1981
· Volunteer Member of Yavapai Country (Arizona) Mountain Search and Rescue Team 1983 - 1988
· Licensed Recreational Maine Guide
· Massachusetts Commercial Driver's License with Passenger Endorsement
· Emergency Medical Technician (certification expired)
· Wilderness First Responder
· Wilderness First Aid

Teacher and Instructor
I am currently focusing on the "Education" part of my Adventure Education degrees and teach outdoor pursuits in the following roles:

Outdoor Educator, Physical Education Department Arlington (Massachusetts) High School (my current full-time job)

Adjunct Professor of Outdoor Pursuits, Fitchburg (Massachusetts) State College (the best part-time job in the world!) Click here to see a listing of the upcoming courses I will be teaching.

Guest Instructor, Walnut Hill Tracking and Environmental Education Center ( (another great part-time/seasonal position)

Outdoor Adventure Guide
I still occasionally offer guided outdoor adventures on a contracted basis along with the some publicly marketed weekend trips (dog sledding, rock climbing, ice climbing, canoeing, hiking, etc.) for the guests at the Wachusett Village Inn through the Five-Star Adventure Program we base out of the Inn. Click here for more information on upcoming Five Star Adventure trips based out of the Wachusett Village Inn.

Consulting Services
During my career in the Outdoor Adventure industry, I have specialized in program development and have extensive experience in all phases of conceiving, developing, expanding, and managing state-of-the-art, ambitious outdoor adventure programs for varied markets and populations. My experience includes:

· marketing
· risk management and liability
· staff training and retention
· program design and implementation
· field policies and procedures

I am available for consulting services in any aspect for individuals desiring to create a new or expand an existing adventure program for profit, nonprofit, recreational, therapeutic, or educational purposes. Feel free to e-mail me for more information and a free consultation.

Outdoor Expert, Consultant, & Multi-Episode Guest for "Popular Mechanics" Television Series for Discovery Channel 1995 (this was one of my more unique and interesting consulting opportunities)

My thesis, entitled Designing Outdoor Adventure Programs: A Systematic Approach has a wealth of information for anyone desiring to develop their own outdoor adventure program. Bound and unbound copies are available by e-mailing me for a very reasonable fee. A sampling of chapter titles includes:

· Brainstorming and Initial Conceptualizing
· Assessing Resources: Human, Programmatic, and Startup Funding
· Naming the Program: What's in a Name?
· Insurance and Liability Issues
· Establishing the Adventure Program: Registering a Corporation
· Operational Policies and Procedures
· Marketing
· Recruitment and Hiring of Staff
· Client Relations: Tone and Atmosphere
· Strategic Associations for Success
· Program Credentials and Considerations
· Challenges and Concerns of Adventure Programming Over Time

For an abstract of my thesis, along with a sample chapter, click here.

Outdoor Writing
I wrote a twice-a-week outdoors column entitled "Off the Beaten Path" for the Fitchburg (Massachusetts) Sentinel and Enterprise beginning in 1991 and continuing through 1995 at which time I discontinued the column from the paper and began running it exclusively on the website we maintained for Mountain Lynx Outdoor Adventures until I closed Lynx after 10 years of full-time operation in 2001. Click here for a sample of my column.

I have always enjoyed cartooning and have been fortunate enough to have created and marketed several comic strips over the years, each of which enjoyed a short run in some small newspapers. These comic strips included:

Sourdough, Prescott Arizona Sun 1984 - 1986
Edipus Platypus, Prescott Arizona Sun 1986 - 1988
Rat Race, Montachusett T& G 1989 - 1992

Click here to see some samples from my professional cartooning archive.

Miscellaneous Cartooning
I did some background inking work on the Popeye comic book published by Ocean Comics in 1987 and I would love being able to someday get the job drawing and writing Popeye for the King Features Syndicate. Over the years I have additionally done some commercial cartooning for small businesses...logos and business cards and I even illustrated a religious-oriented children's book.

Currently on the Drawing Board
I am currently developing a new outdoor-related comic strip entitled "Ernest and Whymper, Weekend Adventurers" that I hope to begin marketing to the newspaper syndicates sometime in 2005. Click here to see a sample.

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact me!
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